The Indiegogo campaign for my memoir was, despite not reaching even 25% of my goal, a success for me. The money raised, $1,505, is enough. Enough to pay an editor, enough to attend a workshop in November 2014, and enough to attend another workshop in January 2015. Now that the campaign is over, I can pursue the writing.

Before I begin the end of the memoir, I want to thank those individuals who believed in me and in this project enough to part with their hard-earned money. Some individuals want to remain anonymous. I know who they are, they know who they are, and that is enough for us all. Thank you.

The names that will appear in my memoir as supporters include:

  • Vicki J. Baronis, owner of Fire It Up Studio and a friend for life.
  • John Manning, a dear man, a friend, and one of my ballroom dance partners. The man can tango!
  • Lucille Roberts, another dancer, a dear, dear friend, and my guardian angel.
NOTE: If you want your name or your business name in this book as a supporter, I'm accepting those $150 spots through to March 1, 2015. I can take credit card, check, or payment through Paypal.

I want to thank my husband, Hugh, and Ken Farnsworth for jumping on board immediately with their contributions. They both startled me into happy tears. I also want to thank my daughter and her boyfriend, Will, for supporting this project. My family is not wealthy. Those surprise gifts mean a great deal to me.

Other family members who supported this project include Chris French (3rd cousin once removed) and my brothers. Although my brothers didn't contribute directly to the campaign, they helped tremendously with expenses I incurred as I traveled back and forth between my home and our parents' home. Caregiving can take a bite out of that wallet.

Other supporters include (in no specific order):
  • Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik, a poet friend and therapist and a kindred heart soul.
  • Penny Lane, a dear friend and soul sister.
  • Diane Wuesthoff, another soul sister and the person I chose to edit my memoir.
  • Lynn Tincher, a local writer, risk-taker, and friend.
  • Mara Eve Robbins, an author, poet, and activist. She's the instigator behind this project, and I'll be forever indebted to her.
  • Tess Elliott, an artist and friend I met along this journey.
  • Amy Welborn, another artist and friend. I'll never forget her thanking me for my gratitude.
  • Jacques Laurent, a documentary film maker and dear friend who became my only overseas contributor.
  • Sue Ann Birchfield, a local shop owner and friend.
  • Joe Davenport, a dear friend and mayor elect of our fine town.
  • Tony Acree, a local author and one of my biggest fans. The feeling is mutual.
  • Kristi Weber, a fine poet, a lovely person, and a brave soul. One of these days we'll meet.
  • Sharon Lynn Jones, an artist I've known for a long time. We have a date for whiskey and a kiddie pool.
  • Ursula Powers, an activist friend I met on Twitter during the BP disaster days and wife of the proud owner of Al Bees.
  • Melissa Crites, an artist and the best massage therapist in town. I love her soul.
  • Dr. Nurit Israeli, a poet, a professor, a psychologist. A woman with grace and endurance.
  • Meena Rose, a heart-full poet who saved me one afternoon in Virginia.
  • Michelle Gardner, a local shop owner, friend, and artist. I met her when her shop was just a dream.
  • Sarah Garner, a friend and an animal lover who has the heart of an angel.
  • Chris Durietz, a woman who is constantly after my heart. What a great photographer. What a great reason to smile.
  • Two unknowns: Maryanna Phinn and an anonymous donor. Thank you both for your trust in the unknown.

I also want to thank Mara Eve Robbins, Kim Jacobs, Janeson Keeley, S. E. Ingraham, and Tony Acree for their reviews. They put some meat on the bones, and I'm grateful for the nourishment.

On with the task at hand. I hope to be finished with this book by the first of March. Then, editing. Then, beta reading. Then...publishing. Here's to 2015.

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