Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Looking at a Plate

Fostoria Plate from Wikipedia entry on Depression Glass
"Do you remember this plate?" I asked dad this question when I cleaned out the lower drawers in the living room china cabinet. He didn't remember that plate, and neither did I. It's very similar to the plate pictured here.

There is no story with the plate, so the plate is just a plate. Mom isn't around to tell us about that plate. She can't tell us now how she obtained it, why she kept it, and particularly why she kept it in the drawers meant for special items.

I have learned enough over the past few months to recognize a Fostoria pattern, because mom seemed fond of that company's products. So I know that its resale value is moderate. But, that's all I know. Otherwise the plate means nothing to me, and I know it doesn't mean anything to dad.

I'm guilty of the same sin. I presume my daughter knows all my stories. That's quite a presumption.

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