Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I Made the Grade on the Garden Hurdles Today

The first three plants to feel the spade.
Yesterday I started on mom's garden beds, the ones that hadn't been tended to in over two years because of mom's illness. Oh, they've been weeded, but the plants (mostly perennials) are overgrown and crowding each other out. It's not a pretty sight. So, I began by tackling the weeds in the front bed, what little were left of them. Then I stood and looked around at that bed and at the three other beds within my eyesight. I had to get serious.

To get serious with mom's gardens meant that I needed another 24 hours to bolster myself. I never, in my lifetime, could imagine myself taking a shovel to mom's beds. I never learned to cook from mom, because she said I made her too nervous in the kitchen. For the same reason, I never learned to garden from mom. I learned everything I knew from library books and from experimentation.

Mom was the Master Gardener.

This morning, I awoke and committed to a little writing. Then, I played around on Facebook and Twitter. I read a few articles and ate some yogurt. Then, I changed into my 'gardening clothes' and went to the garage. I needed talismans, so I donned my mother's old gardening shoes, her new gardening gloves (that she never wore), picked up her gardening tools and the shovel and went back to the front bed.

After pacing and eyeballing everything, I went back inside. I needed to consult with dad (can you sense a bit of procrastination here?). After he confirmed my ideas, I took the shovel, and I dug. And, I dug and I dug and I dug. I dug up all the perennials in that top half of the front bed, separated them, and replanted them. The task took two hours.

I knew what I was doing. I did. And, now I'm over those hurdles -- the hurdle of worrying about destroying mom's garden or the hurdle of her striking me dead for touching anything. It's all good. The garden and I will survive.

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