Saturday, April 25, 2015

Friends Who Keep My Feet on the Ground

Everything in my life has changed since my caregiving stint with Mom and with her death. I still can't think clearly about ordinary things and sometimes I feel like I'm floating through life. But, every once in a while a friend steps in to pull me back to earth. While on terra firma, I tend to make some rather large Gumby.

Take, for instance, my friend Kim Jacobs, owner of Turquoise Morning Press. One day, out of the blue, I receive an email from Stephen Zimmer. He said that Kim had recommended me to serve on a writers' panel at the second annual Imaginarium Convention. After reading about all the guest speakers at this event, I felt a little intimidated...published authors many times over, owners of publishing houses, in the world would I fit in?

Then, I began to write my bio for the guest author pages, and I realized how much I had accomplished in my short writing career. That was a good feeling. The results also were a bit appears I've focused on financial issues during most of my writing career...and I don't have two pennies to rub together. Ironic and hilarious, actually. 

What's that adage about writing about what you know? I guess I sidestepped that advice. At any rate, I'm on board, and I'll be participating in this event in mid-September.

Then, I learned that my friend Phyllis, an 11-year-cancer free breast cancer "warrior," was participating in the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon today. She was gathering donations for the wonderful Gilda's Place in Louisville. For $20, a person could purchase a ribbon that Phyllis would wear during the event. I jumped all over that one, but when I went to donate, I learned that my credit card information was stolen about five days earlier. The only way to donate was through credit card.

But, Phyllis worked it out, and the result is shown in the photo above. Phyllis attached the ribbons to a ribbon and she wore that contraption as a tutu. In the rain. What a cold and messy day! But, Phyllis finished the marathon, and she thinks her time was 3:49:00. Mom's ribbon is Kelly Green, the color that represents bile duct cancer.

What a gift. What a memory. What a wonderful thing for my Mother, who loved horses and Derby week. That love came, of course, from the time she spent out West with us and, mostly, with my brother and his partner, Linda, at Menoken Farms.

Thank you, Kim. Thank you, Phyllis. Thank you both and everyone else for your parts in keeping my feet on the ground and moving.

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