Cancer, Caregiving, Contentious Love Contest!

NOTE: The contest is over, and there are no winners. I'll write a post shortly with the final leader board to show the results.

Friday, October 24 at midnight, marks the beginning of a new phase in my project campaign. This time YOU can receive monetary benefits from a merit-based referral contest. This contest is designed to increase contributions to my project, and you can also win a credit card to use as you wish.
  1. I'll provide one $100 VISA card to the person who brings in the most contributors to my campaign at any level, no matter the dollar amount. For instance, if you bring in 500 contributors at the $1 level, you could win over someone who brings in 1 person at $1,000.
  2. I'll provide a second $100 gift credit VISA card to the person who brings in the highest dollar amount, no matter the number of contributors. For instance, if you bring in one contributor at $1,000, you could win this prize for your efforts.
  3. Finally, I'll provide a $50 gift credit card to the person who brings in the the most referrals, period. You deserve a prize for working so hard! For instance, if you bring in 2,000 referrals, but none of them contribute, you can still obtain this VISA card. You must bring in 50 referrals or more to be in the running.
  4. Only one prize per person, so at least three people must compete for all prizes to be awarded for your efforts.
How it works:

1. To compete, you must already be registered or register for free at Indiegogo. When you register, Indiegogo provides you with a unique ID. I'll use this ID to track your activity through the back end dashboard at my site. For example, in the image below, you can see that I have brought in $665 of a total of (currently as of this writing) $970 campaign dollars through direct links. These contributions came from 19 people that I contacted through 209 shares using my campaign using widgets, Facebook, Twitter, and email:

You can also see that other folks (who are registered at Indiegogo) have referred my project at least once or twice, but their limited efforts have resulted in $0. You'll need to share more than once or twice for contributors to see your message, or use a long-term visual like a widget (see #3 below).

2. You must be LOGGED IN at the Indiegogo site for your ID to show up and count for your referrals.

3. After you log in, go to the buttons located immediately below the video on my campaign page to share through Facebook, Twitter, G+, email, to embed a widget on your own site, or to create a link for this campaign that includes your unique ID. Those choices represent a LOT of different ways to share this campaign site. When you are logged in and create a widget or a link or share on social media, your ID will be attached. Anyone who visits the campaign page through one of your links will show up on your profile on your Indiegogo profile page AND on my dashboard.

For more detailed information on how to participate in this contest, please visit this Indiegogo page.

4. The contest begins exactly at midnight on Friday, October 24th. The contest ends exactly at 11:59 pm on Monday, November 24th, as that is the end of the campaign as well.

5. As an added incentive, I'll share my own leader board (like the one shown above, except showing names) every Friday on this blog and announce the leaders on Facebook and Twitter.

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If you need help with explanations about this campaign:


Familiarity with campaign perks and contribution levels could help you obtain a leading edge. Contributors, however, can provide any amount they wish ($25, $40, $125, $1,500, $25,000 etc., but that last amount is a bit creepy...).

  • $1 -- For those who simply want to say "hi" and support this project.
  • $5 -- For an 11-page excerpt from four different memoir chapters.
  • $10 -- Contributors receive the excerpt and get a shout out from me on Facebook, Twitter, and my blog.
  • $20 -- Contributors receive the published eBook, and they also receive the excerpt and get a shout out from me on Facebook, Twitter, and my blog.
  • $75 -- Contributors get all the above, plus a signed first-edition copy of the memoir once published. The book might be hardcover or paperback, as that choice has not yet been made.
  • $100 -- All the above plus a second signed first-edition copy of the memoir and a handwritten thank you from me.
  • $150 -- All the above plus the person's name in the book as a supporter. This level is good for anyone who owns a business, as the business name and location are included.
  • $250 -- All the above plus one more signed first-edition copy and a phone call from me.
  • $1,000 -- All the above plus I will speak to a group or at an event within a three-hour drive from Louisville.

Questions? Don't hesitate to message me on Facebook or at Twitter.