Friday, October 10, 2014

Who Hasn't Been Touched by Cancer?

Mom -- hoping to actually drive this Jaguar on her 60th birthday in 1994.
I've been floating between two towns during the past two years, trying my best to actually be present in my own home when I've been pouring my heart and energy into my parents' home. Caregiving takes effort. It takes money. It can take a person's soul if the caregiver isn't careful.

That's what cancer does. It eats at its host and it tries to reach out to eat everyone who cares about the cancer patient.

In both towns, I hear stories about people who have died from cancer, people who have recently been diagnosed with cancer, and people who are surviving cancer. In most cases, individuals relay those stories in a "hush hush" manner, as though to speak about cancer out loud makes that disease contagious. The survivors are a different story, because even the media wants to shout those success stories from the rooftops; but, those stories are fraught with doubt. Are the survivors really "cured," or are these cancer survivors and their families hoping against hope that that victims are in remission forever?

Who hasn't been touched by cancer? Who hasn't felt hope that cancer can be "beat" into submission? Who hasn't felt that this disease deserves only a whisper instead of a shout...shouts of anger that people of all ages are falling victim to these alterations in their DNA? People we love. People we don't even know who touch our hearts with their stories.

Who hasn't been touched by cancer? I'd like to know.

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